Devon Morgan

Photos help us remember key moments in our lives, promote our businesses, share news with family and friends, brag about our vacations. They can stop us in our tracks on the front page in a newspaper stand, make us laugh – or cry, or reminisce. Raise your hand if you like getting your picture taken! Anyone? [insert crickets]. No? You're not alone. Our purpose at Photosynthesis is to bridge the gap between loving to have those special pictures to cherish, but dreading being the one in front of the camera. Just as much as you love to have photos of your kids and your parents, or your wonderful co-workers or employees, they like having that photo of you just as much. It's important, no matter how awkward you may feel or whether or not you've lost those last 10 lbs., that your face has its place in history, too. If not for you, for the others.

Having your picture taken should be fun (haha, coming from the girl behind the camera, right??). I want to make it just that for you, a great experience. Don't worry, if you're having a hard time getting that perfect natural smile, I've been known to bust out some pretty bad dance moves behind the lens if my squeaky toys aren't doing the job.

Peruse the website, I hope the photo of Ashley smiling on her wedding day makes you remember how happy you felt on yours; that the photo of my greatly missed St. Bernard, Stella, makes you remember that perfect dog you had as a kid. Take a few minutes and let it all come back. Then, when you're ready, call us. We'd love to tell your story, too.

Devon Morgan
Owner & Lead Behind-Camera Dancer

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Ansel Adams

No, the camera can’t steal the soul...But it can occasionally hold it hostage.

- Ansel Adams

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